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Permanent Makeup Lip Blush

Lip Blush is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo designed to give the lips life, with a perfectly chosen pigment to complement your complexion. The soft, shaded colouring can augment lip symmetry, even out natural pigmentation and most importantly, give gorgeous colour without the need to reapply lipstick all day long.   

Jacinta trained as a specialist in the lip blush cosmetic tattooing with an industry leader, Ashlee Kate of Ashlee Kate Aesthetics fame. 

To see just how exquisite Lip Blush can be,  view Jacinta’s extensive portfolio 

Frequently Asked Questions

Jacinta will first coordinate your lip tattoo colour with your natural complexion, then spend time meticulously mapping your perfect lips. The tattoo itself is done in several layers, or ‘passes’, so the ink pigmentation gradually increases and Jacinta has total control over the depth of colour. After the first pass is done, specialised anaesthetic cream is applied for your comfort. By applying the anaesthetic cream after the first pass, the cream penetrates deeper into the skin and provides more numbing action. A complete after care guide will be given to you so you can maintain their colour as best as possible. 

As the tattoo heals, some pigment will be naturally lost as the skin cells slough off. The second application 5-6 weeks after your initial treatment addresses this lost pigment and gives the overall colour a lift. 

The first layer or ‘pass’ of pigment is mildly uncomfortable, then specialised anaesthetic cream is able to be applied for your comfort. Applying it after the first pass increases the effectiveness of the numbing action

Lip Blush tattoo is considered most appropriate of the various types of tattooing for sensitive skin, however, Lip Blush may not be suitable if you suffer from cold sores. If you do experience cold sores, Lip Blush may still be possible, but please contact Jacinta to discuss your options. 

After your initial brow treatment the follow-up appointment 5-6 weeks later, you can expect your brow pigment to stay vibrant for around 12-18 months, depending on your skin. Most people choose to retouch the brow tattooing every 12-18 months. 

Initial treatment, including lip mapping: $550

Follow-up treatment (5-6 weeks after the initial treatment): $200

Re-touch (recommended every 12-18 months): $395