Allure Home + Body

Born out of a love + obsession with delectable scent

Allure Home + Body soy candles are stocked on the salon shelves for several very good reasons: they’re local, hand-made, can be re-purposed and create a gorgeous atmosphere in any room.

These candles are hand-poured with love by local Great Southern gal, Shannon. Sharing an eye for perfection, Shannon takes great care in choosing the top, mid & bottom notes of each scent combination, crafting a great balance in each candle.

Not only are the candles beautiful, but the containers in which they are poured are so lovely that you won’t want to throw them away when the candle (sadly) comes to an end. Instead, Shannon has step-by-step instructions on how to clean away the residual wax and even a list of ideas on how to re-purpose the beautiful vessels